Waiting on new dates @ Las Brasas Charcoal Chicken 

Las Brasas Charcoal Chicken de la Eldridge Pkwy. For more information and directions, please click at the button bellow

Once a month @Kokai Sushi & Lounge (7:30-10:30PM)

Kokai Sushi & Lounge (Japanese Food) is a space for exchange and confluence of values, perceptions, where experience at service time is well delivered by an empathic and trained staff. Reserve your table at the button bellow

Some Saturdays and only with Reservations @Avila's Flavors & Experiences

At Avila Flavors & Experiences, we make your celebrations, both corporate and social, personal and delicious. We promise you the freshest, local ingredients, hand-crafted cooking sprinkled with our unique whimsical elegance and exceptional service. Our passion is stirred by the fusion of our roots with the colors, flavors and textures found in this city we call home


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