Enrique Infante Live @Avila's Flavors & Experiences

From 7:30PM to 10PM

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Enrique Infante Live @KOKAI Sushi & Lounge


Every Friday at KOKAI 

About the New Single

This song was originally written when the Huracan Harvey devastated Houston back in 2017, but it was never recorded. Last year during the Pandemic, Enrique Infante was in Lima, Peru and before returning home, he among with local Lima musicians, finally recorded remotely. When he returned to Houston, he was able to finish it and full produce it. The intention now is to make it hear by everyone. There is also a version in English that will be released later in the year.



We are currently accepting donations. Please send us an email to: enriqueinfantemusic@gmail.com or dejavulatinmusicproductions@gmail.com - we will provide the information. Thank you so much for all your support. Stay Home and be safe!

Enrique Infante & Deja Vu LFR


Enrique Infante & Dejavu Latin Fusion Rhythms


 "Enrique Infante is a rising star. This very talented Houston-based indie musician's work should be heard far and wide. I met him a few years ago at the Latin Alternative Music Conference and he  has been making music that deserves a much wider audience. The styles on his album "El Detalle Que Faltaba"range from folk to electronic to pop to rock to jazz — and all the things that fall between categories. On his previous work "Canciones Ajenas" I really liked the message of the tune, "La Negra Soledad." I like the instrumentation, the various Andean influences, it made a big musical statement." 

(Félix Contreras, Alt Latino NPR Music Host & Reporter)


"Como guitarrista, Infante tiene una técnica elegante, con una poderosa y ágil mano derecha, que por momentos parece la de un guitarrista de flamenco por su velocidad y precisión".

(David Dorantes, Mundo Hispanico - La Voz Houston Journalist)


"Dejavu can do anything. I prefer that. We're all influenced by all types of music. So if you can put all types of music together into one show, that's great."

(Scott Gold, Composer/Bass Player)


"It was an honor to be asked to perform with him, a total gas to play his music. It was wonderful to hear him sing and a privilege to be around him. I thank him for all his positiveness he creates for the world around him. Enrique is a star.""

(Jim Maneri, Piano Player/Orchestra Conductor)


"Canciones Ajenas (Other People's Songs). "This record boasts songs in a variety of styles, from Santana-esque Latin rock to smooth percussion and acoustic guitar ballads and even hints of the traditional music of his native Peru. Well worth a listen."

(Jim Fischer, This Week News Writer)


"Enrique Infante expresses his questions and beliefs about life in this rhythmic and musically skilled album, Canciones Ajenas."

(Sarah Kingston, Vocalist/Composer)


"Enrique is knowledgeable and passionate person. He knows how to connect with people in a meaningful and sincere way, to make the larges positive impact possible. Truly caring about every person he comes into contact with. It's a pleasure to work with Enrique. If you want to hear music thats beautiful and exciting, he will fair exceed your expectations."

(Jeromy Schall, Ecommerce expert for Small to Mid-Sized Business)


"To me, Enrique is a truly inspiring leader. He did what the best leaders do. He took a risk on me. He trusted me to do the work I needed to do to fill a major need in his organization."

(Jeff Crisafulli, Bass Player)


"Escucho música diversa, no soy un crítico en este arte, pero la canción de Enrique Infante, "El Detalle Que Faltaba" y a propósito del  título, es un gran detalle, para desearle al cantautor Enrique Infante muchos éxitos en su carrera musical". 

(Oliver López, YouTube User)



Enrique Infante & Dejavu Latin Fusion Rhythms would like to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous 2019. In 2018, we had the honor and privilege to share the stage with amazing musicians. Many of them live in Houston, a city that is growing so fast every month.

Thank you every one and all for your support, love and business: Giuseppe Risica & Sonidos Latentes, Show Business Entertainment, Peru Cafe Express, Cartelera Semanal De Houston, Last Concert Cafe, Radio Crystal USA, Mundo Retro, and to Liliana Elizondo and Michell Aguilar, KPFT Radio: Son Pacifica, Zona Libre & to Voz De La Tierra, to Cafe Brasil and Becca Friday, Gonzalo Andre, Celaya's Restaurant, Miriam Damaris Maldonado, Jesus Joseph, Efren & Karen Rubio, Pablo Devera y Sur Fest Productions; to Rock Animal and Ivan Oropeza, Kemah Boardwalk, The Woodlands Farmer's Market, Urban Harvest Farmer's Market, Tomball Farmer's Market, Sugarland Farmer's Market, Ermelinda Cuellar, TC Smythe and Oasis Houston, to Galveston Bay Oasis and Marie Angell, Cristina Amaron, Genuwine Tasting Room, Jorge Seldner, Galith Creations, Rosaly Acosta, Sandy A. Moreno, Victor Arturo Barrientos, Carlos Yael Santos, El Venezolano Newspaper, Charlie y Oscar Cardozo, Shauntell Cooley, Latin Bites & Rita Castre, David Dorantes, Ana Khan Dorante, Sandra Romero, Vanessa Torres, Ilya Janos Kolozs, Cassio Duarte, Scott Gold, Angel Irujo, Evan Oberla, Kelvin Gutierrez, and to Alma Patricia Ramirez & La Sociedad De Escritores en Espanol de Columbus, Ohio.


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